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Boris M. Darinskii

Academic degree, academic title, position:
Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Science, Professor, Professor of the Department of Material Science and Industry of Nanosystems of the Voronezh State University Scientific specialty in

Scientific specialty in accordance with Sc. D. Diploma:
01.04.07 – Physics of Solid State

Key biography data:
1939 is a year of birth
1961 – graduation of Physics Faculty of Voronezh State University
1966 – defense of candidate thesis in Physical-Mathematical Science
1975 – defense of doctoral thesis in Physical-Mathematical Science
1976 – award with academic title of Professor

Field of research interests:
Physics and Chemistry of the Condensed State; Physics of the Phase Transitions in Crystals; Structure and Physical Properties of Amorphous Solids and Liquids; Imperfect Structures of Crystals; Physics of Nanocomposite Materials;Kinetic Phenomena in Solids

Number of published papers:
more than 230

The most significant papers:

  1. Internal Friction at Fondiffusion Fhase Fransitions // Physics of Fetals. 1969. V. 27. № 1. P. 141. Co-authors: V.S. Postnikov, V.N. Belko, I.M. Sharwshakov.
  2. Operator-Hysterant. // DAN USSR. 1970. V. 190. № 1. P. 34. Co-authors: M.A. Krasnoselskiy, P.P. Zabreyko, E.A. Lifshitc. A.V. Pokrovskiy.
  3. To the Theory of Mobility of Dislocations in Alloyed Semiconductors // Physics of Solid. 1982. B. 24. № 2. P. 511-516. Co-authors: V.I. Belyavskiy, V.V. Shalimov.
  4. A Concentration of Electric-Field in Polydomain Ferroelectrics // Physics of Solid. 1984. V. 26. № 6. P. 1634-1639. Co-author: A.S. Sidorkin.
  5. Kinetics of Formation of Domain Structures // Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics. 1998. V. 42. I. 12. P. 2238-2245. Co-authors: A.P. Lazarev, A.S. Sigov.
  6. Influence of Electronic Structure on Mobility of Dilocations // Izvestiya AN, Series Physical. 2000. V. 64. № 9. P. 1756-1762. Co-author: D.S. Sayko.
  7. Bifurcations of Extremals of Fredgolm Functionals // Fundamental Mathematics. 2004. М.: MAYS. V. 12. P. 3-134. Co-authors: Yu.I. Sapronov, C.L. Zarev.
  8. Structure of Grain Boundaries of a General Types and Mechnisms of Grain Boundary Internal Friction Peak // Solid State Phenomena. 2003. V. 89. P. 203-232. Co-authors: Kalinin Yu.E., Mushtenko S.V., Saiko D.S.
  9. Longitudinal Normals and Existence of Acoustic Axes in Crystals // Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications. 2009. № 10. P. 798-809. Co-authors: D.A. Vorotnikov, V.G. Zvyagin.
  10. Acceleration of Alteration of Atomic Clusters in Nonradiative Transition // Izvestiya Akademii Nauk. Ser. Fiz. 2011. V. 75. № 10. P. 1390-1393. Co-author: L.Uy. Yudin.
  11. Cellular Complexes for Thermodynamic Potential of a Cubic Structure Ferroelectrics. Ferroeledtrics. 2013. V. 444. Issue 1. P. 9-17. Co-author: Sapronov Yu.I.
  12. Hardness and Microplasticity  of Nanocrystalline and Amorphous P-Ca Coverages. Fizika Tverdogo Tela. 2014. V. 56. I. 2. P. 318-325. Co-authors: V.M. Ievlev, A.V. Kostyuchenko, S.M. Barinov.
  13. Domain Walls Creep in Thin Ferroelectric Films // FERROELECTRICS. 2015. V. 476. SI. P. 34-39. Co-authors: Sidorkin A.S.; Nesterenko L.P., Pakhomov A.Yu., et al.
  14. Internal Field in Ferroelectric Films With Different Electrodes // PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE. 2015. V. 57. No 3. P. 549-552. Co-authors: Sidorkin A.S., Nesterenko L.P., et al.
  15. Polarization Switching of Multiaxial Ferroelectrics in an Electric Field // PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE. 2015. V. 57. No 6. P. 1160-1165. Co-authors: Lazarev A.P., Sigov A.S.
  16. Effective Dielectric Constant of the Polydomain Ferroelectric Plate // FERROELECTRICS. 2016. V. 497. SI. P. 107-113. Co-authors: Sidorkin, A.S.
  17. Thermodynamic Description of the Magnetoelectric Effect and Phase Transitions in Antiferromagnetic Crystals // FERROELECTRICS. 2016. V. 501. No 1. P. 39-44. Co-authors: Lazarev A.P., Sigov A.S.
  18. Influence of Internal Electric and Elastic Fields on Characteristics of Heterogeneous Ferroelectric Materials // AIP ADVANCES. 2017. No 7. Iss. 3. P. 035019. Co-authors: Sidorkin A.S.

Number of supervised Ph.D. and Sc.D.:
26 Ph.D, 12 Sc.D.

Delivered courses:
Quantum and Statistical Physics; Physics and Chemistry Condensed the State of Substance; Chemical Physics of Solid State; Quantum in the Lowdemensioned Systems; Structure of Crystals of Quasi-Crystals and Amorphous Materials; Basis of Quantum Mechanics; Mechanics of Continuous Environment; Structural Mechanics and Mechanics of Destructions; Special Heads of Mathematics of Mechanics and Physics

Organizing and Social activities:

  1. Member of the Dissertation Council D 212.038.06. (01.04.07 – Physics of Condensed State)
  2. Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal “CONDENSED MATTER AND INTERPHASES”.



+7(4732) 208735