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Gennadii F. Novikov

Academic degree, academic title, position:
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Laboratory, Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, RAS

Scientific specialty in accordance with Sc. D. Diploma:
01.04.17 – chemical physics

Key biography data:
1941 – year of birth
1964 – the end of the Chemical and Molecular Physics Department, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
1975 – defense of candidate thesis in physical and mathematical sciences
1998 – defense of doctoral thesis in physical and mathematical sciences
2003 – awarded the title of professor

Field of research interests:
solar cells; dynamics and kinetics of electron-ion processes in semiconductors AIBVII, AIIBV groups upon photoexcitation; relaxation processes in polymers and composites at their formation; broadband dielectric spectroscopy and microwave photoconductivity

Number of published papers:
More than 260

The most significant papers:

  1. Metal Containing Nanoparticles with Core–Polymer Shell Structure // Colloid Journal. 2011. V. 73. No. 4. P. 458–466. Web of Science: 0.707. Scopus. Co-authors: G.I. Dzhardimalieva, A.D. Pomogailo, N.D. Golubeva, S.I. Pomogailo, O.S. Roshchupkina, A.S. Rozenberg, and M. Leonowicz.
  2. Photoelectric and Luminescent Properties of Dysprosium Doped Silver Chloride // Semiconductors. 2011. V. 45. No. 2. P. 162-168. Co-authors: E.V. Rabenok, K.V. Bocharova, N.V. Lichkova, O.V. Ovchinnikov and A.N. Latyshev.
  3. Luminescence properties of CdTe-based solid solutions in the CdTe-Ga2Te3 and CdTe-GaTe systems // Inorganic Materials. 2011. V. 47. No. 6. P. 588-591. Co-authors: I.N. Odin, M.V. Chukichev, M.V. Gapanovich.
  4. Chang The study of loss kinetics of current carriers in CIGS by microwave photoconductivity method // J. of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. 2012. V. 4. № 1. P. 011604. Web of Science: 1.514. Co-authors: E.V. Rabenok, M.J. Jeng and L.B. Chang.
  5. The study influence of doping by iodine or gallium on the lifetime of photogenerated current curriers in CdTe // J. of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. 2013. V. 5. P. 011201. Web of Science: 1.514. Co-authors: M.V. Gapanovich, K.V. Bocharov
  6. Effect of annealing on the loss kinetics of charge carriers in CdS films // J. of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. 2013. V. 5. P. 011206. Web of Science: 1.514. Co-authors: E.V. Rabenok, M.V. Gapanovich, S.I. Bocharova, Yu.V. Meteleva-Fischer, K.V. Bocharov.
  7. Influence of conditions of electrochemical deposition on properties of nanocrystalline CuInSe2 films // Nanotechnologies in Russia. 2013. V. 8. Iss. 5-6. P. 292-296. IF RINC: 1,046 Scopus. Co-authors: Bocharova S.I., Gapanovich M.V., Voilov D.N., Odin I.N.
  8. Synthesis of thin Cu-Zn-Sn-S films for solar batteries by one-stage electrodeposition of precursors followed by annealing in a reactive atmosphere // Mendeleev Commun. 2014. V. 24. Iss. 1. P. 9-11. (, Impact Factor: 1.34. Co-authors: V.V. Rakitin, M.V. Gapanovich.
  9. Study of the Recombination Process at Crystallite Boundaries in CuIn1-xGaxSe2 (CIGS) Films by Microwave Photoconductivity. Semicond. 2013. V. 47. № 3. P. 335. IF Web of Science: 0.627. Co-authors: K.V. Bocharov, G.F. Novikov, T.Y. Hsieh, M.V. Gapanovich, M.J. Jeng.
  10. Two advanced research methods: frequency-time-resolved microwave photoconductivity and broad band photodielectric spectroscopy // J. of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. 2015. V. 7. P. 011204. doi: 10.1063/1.4908065 IF Web of Science: 0.904.
  11. Effect of the composition and annealing conditions of precursor films on the structure of thin CuIn1-xGaxSe2 (0-x-0.7) layers // Inorganic Materials. 2014. V. 50. Iss. 8. P. 775-779. IF Web of Science: 0.556. Co-authors: M.V. Gapanovich, I.N. Odin, V.F. Kozlovskii
  12. Effect of low concentrations of carbon nanotubes on electric dipole relaxation in a polyurethane elastomer // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A. March 2015. V. 89. Iss. 3. P. 436-442.  Co-authors: E.V. Rabenok, Ya.I. Estrin, E.R. Badamshina
  13. The formation of MoS2 secondary phase on CZTS/Mo interface during the sulfurization process of the Cu-Zn-Sn precursor films // Izv. Acad. Nauk. Ser.khim. 2015. № 11. P. 2586-2590. Co-authors: V.V. Rakitin, M.V. Gapanovich.
  14. The method of synthesis of photoactive chalcopyrite thin films. Russian patent RU № 2567191. 2015. Co-authors: M.V. Gapanovich, S.I. Bocharova, S.M. Aldoshin, M.V. Gapanovich, S.I. Bocharova, S.M. Aldoshin.
  15. "Know-how": «Safe method of synthesis of photoactive kesterite powders» // IPCP RAS order No. 20rso 15-10-2015. Co-authors: M.V. Gapanovich, V.V. Rakitin, S.M. Aldoshin, N.T. Litvinova, P.K. Berzigiyarov.
  16. Synthesis, structure and luminescence properties of Cd1-xMgxTe (0<x<0.20) solid solution // Inorganic Materials. 2016. V. 52. № 1. P. 53-56. Co-authors: M.V. Gapanovich, I.N. Odin, M.V. Chukichev, V.F. Kozlovskii.
  17. Lifetime of Excess Electrons in Cu-Zn-Sn-Se Eowders // SEMICONDUCTORS. 2017. V. 51. No 1. P. 18-22. Co-authors: Gapanovich M.V., Gremenok V.F., et al.
  18. Third-Generation Cu-In-Ga-(S, Se)-Based Solar Inverters // PHYSICS-USPEKHI. 2017. V. 60. No 2. P. 161-178. Co-author: Gapanovich M.V.
  19. Temperature Dependence of Direct Current Conductivity in Ag-ED20 Nanocomposite Films // RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A. V. 91. No 10. P. 1971-1975. Co-author: Rabenok E.V., Bogdanova L.M., et al.

The number of qualified candidates and doctors of science:
10 candidates of sciences

Delivered courses:
1999-2012 – the develop the course of lectures and reading the course of lectures for students of the Voronezh state university: "Introduction in the nonhomogeneous kinetics of the stimulated processes".
1999-2012 – the develop the course of lectures and reading the course of lectures for students of the Voronezh state university: "The transfer Phenomenon, the conductivity in dielectrics".
2015 – the develop the course of lectures and reading the course of lectures for masters at Moscow State University, faculty of fundamental physical and chemical fundamentals of engineering "Solar power engineering"

Organizing and Social activities:

  1. 1999-2012 – Professor of "Optics and Spectroscopy", Voronezh State University
  2. 1999-2012 – head of the joint (IPCP - Voronezh State University) laboratory "Fotostimulated processes in crystals"
  3. The expert RFBR 1993-present
  4. The expert scientific and technical sphere of the Ministry of Education and Science, Testimonies. №07-01543 2012-present
  5. Expert "EXPERT ENERGY" 2013-present
  6. The expert of the Russian Science Foundation 2014-present
  7. Expert NF Education Ministry "Research institutions of higher education within Goszadaniya" 2014-present
  8. 2015-present. – Professor of the Lomonosov Moscow State University
  9. A member of the dissertation council D 002.082.02 IPCP
  10. A member of the Academic Council IPCP RAS
  11. The member of editorial board of Journal "Condensed Matter and Interphases"
  12. Senior editor of "Science Letters Journal"
  13. The member of International Dielectric Society



+7(949) 65221842