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Vladimir A. Terekhov

Degree, academic rank, position:
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Solid State Physics and Nanostructures of the Voronezh State University

Scientific specialty Diploma of Doctor of Science:
01.04.10 – physics of semiconductors

Basic biographical data:
1946 – the year of birth
1969 – end of the Faculty of Physics, Voronezh State University
1978 – defended his thesis on physical and mathematical sciences
1994 – PhD in physical and mathematical sciences
1999 – assignment of the title of professor
2007 – Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
2008 – honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation

Research interests:
The Atomic and Electronic Structure; Condensed Matter Physics; Semiconductors and Heterostructures; Thin Films; Nanomaterials and Nanostructures; Methods of Diagnosis of Solids; Ultrasoft X-ray Spectroscopy; Diffraction; Synchrotron radiation

Number of published works:
more than 300

Number of trained PhDs:
1 doctor and 6 candidates

Physical Basis of Electronics; Physical Basis of Micro- and Nanotechnology; Nanoelectronics; Nano-diagnostics, X-ray and Electron Spectroscopy

Organizational and social work:

  1. Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council D 212.038.06.
  2. A member of the Dissertation Council D 212.038.10.
  3. A member of the Dissertation Council D 212.037.06.
  4. A member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Physics, Voronezh State University.
  5. Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal "CONDENSED MATTER AND INTERPHASES"

    RSCI ORCID Scopus iD

+7(4732) 208546