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Condensed Matter and Interphases / Kondensirovannye Sredy i Mezhfaznye Granitsy

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Voronezh State University 

General Information

The journal was founded in 1999 by professor A. M. Khoviv, Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), Dr. Sci. (Chem.) (Voronezh State University, Voronezh, Russian Federation ), with the support of Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russian Federation). 

Condensed Matter and Interphases (Kondensirovannye Sredy i Mezhfaznye Granitsy) publishes articles in Russian and English dedicated to key issues of condensed matter and physicochemical processes at interfaces and in volumes. The mission of the journal is to provide open access to the results of original research (theoretical and experimental) at the intersection of contemporary condensed matter physics and chemistry, material science and nanoindustry, solid state chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry and physical chemistry, and to share scientific data in the following sections: atomic, electron, and cluster structure of solids, liquids, and interphase boundaries; phase equilibria and defect formation processes; structure and physical and chemical properties of interphases; laser thermochemistry and photostimulated processes on solid surfaces; physics and chemistry of surface, thin films and heterostructures; kinetics and mechanism of formation of film structures; electrophysical processes in interphase boundaries; chemistry of surface phenomena in sorbents; devices and new research methods.

The journal accepts for publication: reviews, original articles, short communications by leading Russian scientists, foreign researchers, lecturers, postgraduate and undergraduate students.

The journal is included in the List of peer reviewed scientific journals published by the Higher Attestation Commission in which major research results from the dissertations of Candidates of Sciences (PhD) and Doctor of Science (DSc) degrees are to be published. Scientific specialties of dissertations and their respective branches of science are as follows: 1.4.1. – Inorganic Chemistry (Chemical sciences); 1.4.4. – Physical Chemistry (Chemical sciences); 1.4.6. – Electrochemistry (Chemical, Physical, Technical sciences); 1.4.15. – Solid State Chemistry (Chemical sciences); 1.3.8. – Condensed Matter Physics (Physical sciences).

The journal uses single-blind review of submitted manuscripts. All articles sent to the editorial board are subject to peer review and, in the case of a positive review, to scientific and technical editing.

Criteria: articles sent to the editorial board must contain original scientific results (at least 80% of originality) and be formatted according to the journal rules. It is also necessary to specify the contribution of each author to the study.

Volume: the manuscript must be no longer than 40,000 characters with spaces, including the abstract, acknowledgements, main part, references, figures and tables.

The languages of publication are Russian and English.

Periodicity: Quarterly (March, June, August, December).

Certificate of Registration ПИ № ФС77-78771 date 20.07.2020. The journal is registered by the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media

Subscription index is ПН134 (in the Сatalogue «Russian Post»)

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Publication in the journal is free for authors.