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Vladimir P. Zlomanov

Academic degree, academic title, position:
Laureate of the State Award of the USSR, Doctor of Chemical Science, Emeritus Professor of Lomonosov Moscow state University

Scientific specialty in accordance with Sc. D. Diploma:
02.00.01 – Inorganic Chemistry

Key biography data:
1934 – year of birth
1957 – graduation of Lomonosov Moscow State University
1962 – defense of candidate thesis in chemical science
1981 – State Award of the USSR in science and technology
1982 – defense of doctoral thesis in chemical science
1988 – award with academic title of Professor
2002 – Emeritus Professor of Lomonosov Moscow state University
2006 – Emeritus worker of High School of Russian Federation
2007 – Memorial gold medal, dedicated to the Nobel prize winner P.L. Kapitza for discovery in physics
2008 – Diploma No. 340 for discovery in physics "Natural relationship between simultaneous stabilization of the Fermi level and the influence of elastic properties in narrow-gap semiconductors IV-VI on their transformation in the dielectric state"

Field of research interests:
Synthesis of Nonstoichiometric Compounds with Well-defined Composition, Structure and Properties; P-T-x Phase Diagrams; Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Crystal Growth; Synthesis of New and the Modification of the Properties of Known Nonstoichiometric Inorganic Compounds

Number of published papers:
more than 300 including 7 books

The most significant papers:

  1. Drozdov A.A., Zlomanov V.P., Mazo G.N., Spiridonov F.M. Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry v. 2 Ed: Yu. Tretiakov. Moscow. Akademia, 2004. 368 p.
  2. Drozdov A.A., Zlomanov V.P., Mazo G.N., Spiridonov F.M. Inorganic Chemistry: In 3 vol. / Ed. YD Tretyakov v. 3 (in two books): Chemistry of Transition Elements: Textbook for Students. Executive. Proc. institutions, Russia, Moscow. Akademia, 2007. 352 p., 400 p.
  3. Afinogenov Y.P., Goncharov E.G., Semenova G.V., Zlomanov V.P. Physico-Chemical Analysis of Multicomponent Systems: Textbook. Moscow, 2006. 332 p.
  4. Zlomanov V.P., Novosyolova A.V. Monograph "P-T-x Phase Diagrams of the System Metal-Chalcogen": «Science». Moscow, 1987. 208 p.
  5. Zlomanov V.P. P-T-x Diagrams of Binary Systems. Moscow State University. Moscow, 1980. 132 p.
  6. Vinnichenko D.A., Vasiliev V.A., Seryogin D.S., Berezina O.Ya., Zlomanov V.P. Vanadiun Dioxide Film Synthesis by Modified Sol Gel Method // Inorg. Mater. (Rus). 2011. V. 47. № 3. P. 330-335.
  7. Zyubina T.S., Vinokurov A.A., Zlomanov V.P. Quantum Chemical Impurity Modelling in PbTe Crystals // J. Inorg. Chemistry. 2011. V. 56. № 4. P. 613-622
  8. Vasiliev V.P., Legendre O.A., Zlomanov V.P. The Critical Analysis and Mutual Coherence of the Thermodynamic Data of the AIIIBV Phases // Intermetallics. 2011. P. 1891-1901.
  9. Zlomanov V.P. Key Issue in the Targeted Synthesis of Inorganic Substances // Inorganic Materials. 2013. V. 49. № 13. P. 1233-1248.
  10. Pashaev A.M., Davarashvili O.I., Enukashvili M.I., Akhvlediani Z.G., Gulyaev R.G., Bychkova L.P., Zlomanov V.P. Modeling of the Quasi-Dielectric State in PbSnTe and PbSnSe Nanolayers with High Concentration of Nonstoichiometric Defects // Nano Studies. 2013. № 8. 253-258.
  11. Artamkin A.I., Dobrovolsky A.A., Vinokurov A.A., Zlomanov V.P., Danilov S.N., Bel'kov V.V., Ryabova L.I., Khokhlov D.R. Photoconductivity of Vanadium-Doped Lead Telluride in the Terahertz Spectral Region // Semiconductors. 2013. V. 47. № 3. P. 319-322
  12. Zlomanov V.P., Khoviv A.M., Zavrazhnov A.Ju. Physicochemical Analysis and Synthesis of Nonstoichiometric Solids Materials Science - Advanced Topics, InTech Croatia. Croatia, 2013. P. 103-128.
  13. Samoylov A.M., Belenko S.V., Sharov M.K., Dolgopolova E.A., Zlomanov V.P. The Deviation from a Stoichiometry and the Amphoteric Behaviour of Ga in PbTe/Si Films // Journal of Crystal Growth. Netherlands, 2012. V. 351. № 1. P.149-154.
  14. Vasiliev V.P., Legendre O.A., Zlomanov V.P. The Critical Analysis and Mutual Coherence of the Thermodynamic Data of the AIIIBV Phases // Intermetallics. Netherlands, 2011. № 19. P. 1891-1901.
  15. Vinokurov A.A., Zlomanov V.P., M. Elsayed, R. Krause-Rehberg. Defects in PbTe Doped with Telluride VTe2: Positron Spectroscopy Study // Materials Letters. Netherlands, 2010. V. 64. № 6. P. 661-663.
  16. Zlomanov V.P. Physico-Chemical Analysis in Material Science // Inorganic Materials . 2010. V. 55. № 11. P. 1845-1859.
  17. Surface and Bulk Conductivity of Vanadium Dioxide // TECHNICAL PHYSICS. 2017. V. 62. No 3. P. 390-394. Co-authors: Tutov E.A., Manannikov A.V., Al-Khafaji H.I., et al.
  18. Phase Equilibria in the Tl2Te-Tl5Te3-Tl9TbTe6 System // INORGANIC MATERIALS. 2017. V. 53. No 4. P. 361-368. Co-authors: Imamalieva. S.Z., Gasanly T.M., et al.
  19. Phase Equilibria in the Tl5Te3-Tl9BiTe6-Tl9TbTe6 System // INORGANIC MATERIALS. 2017. V. 53. No 7. P. 685-689. Co-authors: Imamalieva. S.Z., Gasanly T.M., et al.
  20. A Physicochemical Study of the Sb2Se3-Nd2Se3 system // NORGANIC MATERIALS. 2017. V. 53. No 7. P. 665-669. Co-authors: Sadygov F.M., Il'yasly T.M., Ganbarova G.T., et al.

The number of qualified candidates and doctors of science:
33 candidates of sciences

Delivered courses:
«Inorganic Chemistry» (Department of Chemistry and Department of fundamental physical and chemical engineering of Moscow State University, Moscow State University branch in Baku), «Phase equilibria, the growth of crystals and films of inorganic compounds»

Organizing and Social activities:

  1. Member of the editorial Board of the Russian journals "Inorganic materials", "Condensed matter and interphase boundaries".
  2. Member of the Scientific Council of Russian Academy of Science (RAS) "Physico-chemical fundamentals of semiconductor material science" and "Chemistry of high-purity substances".
  3. Member of dissertation councils on chemical Sciences D 501.001.51 (Department of chemistry of Moscow state University) and D 212.120.06 (Lomonosov Moscow University of Fine Chemical Technology).



+7(495) 939 20 86