Physicochemical study of phase formation in the Sb2S3-Cr2Te3 system

Keywords: System, Phase, Solid solution, Eutectic, Syngony


Chromium chalcogenides and systems based on them have not been sufficiently studied. Chromium chalcogenide compounds Cr2X3 (X = S, Se, Te), new phases and solid solutions based on them are widely used in semiconductor technology, since these are materials with thermoelectric and magnetic properties. The purpose of this study was the investigation of chemical interactions in the Sb2S3–Cr2Te3 system, the construction of a phase diagram, and the search for new phases and solid solutions.

Using the methods of physicochemical analysis (differential thermal, X-ray phase, microstructural analysis, as well as density and microhardness measurements), the chemical interaction in the Sb2S3-Cr2Te3 system was studied and its phase diagram was constructed. The phase diagram of the system is quasi-binary and is characterized by the formation of a quaternary compound Cr2Sb2S3Te3.

Compound Cr2Sb2S3Te3 incongruently melted at 610 °C. Microstructural analysis showed that at room temperature solid solutions based on Sb2S3 were formed in the system, which reached up to 5 mol. % Cr2Te3, and based on Cr2Te3 up to – 8 mol. % Sb2S3. The Sb2S3–Cr2Te3 eutectic formed in the Sb system contains 20 mol. %Cr2Te3 and has a melting point of 430 °C. The Cr2Sb2S3Te3 compound crystallizes in a tetragonal system with the unit cell parameters: a = 10.03; c =16. 67 Å, z = 7, rpycn. = 5.72 g/cm3, rX-ray = 5.765g/cm3


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Author Biographies

Imir I. Aliyev, Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry n. a. M. Nagiyev 113 H. Javid av., Baku Az 1143, Azerbaijan

Dr. Sci. (Chem.), Professor, Head of laboratory, Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry n. a. M. Nagiyev National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Elman I. Mammadov, Azerbaijan Technical University 116 H. Javid av., Baku Az 1146, Azerbaijan

Dr. Sci. (Chem.), Professor, Azerbaijan Technical University (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Faxraddin V. Yusubov, Azerbaijan Technical University 116 H. Javid av., Baku Az 1146, Azerbaijan

Dr. Sci. (Chem.), Professor, Head of Department, Azerbaijan Technical University (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Laman F. Masieva, Azerbaijan Technical University 116 H. Javid av., Baku Az 1146, Azerbaijan

postgraduate student, Azerbaijan Technical University (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Khalig M. Gashimov, Azerbaijan State University of Economics 6 Istiglaliyat str., Baku Az 1001, Azerbaijan

PhD in Chemistry, Associate Professor, Azerbaijan State University of Economics (Baku, Azerbaijan)


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