Victor V. Nikonenko


Academic Degree, Academic Title:
DSc in Chemistry, Professor

 Place of work
Kuban State University, Professor at the Department of Physical Chemistry

 Evidence of a significant contribution to the development of the corresponding area of knowledge
A considerable contribution to the development of membrane electrochemistry. Important results regarding the ion and water transport mechanisms in electromembrane systems under intense current modes, which explain, among other things, the phenomena of electrical convection, generation of hydroxyl protons and ions, occurrence of reactions with the participation of ampholytes, etc. 256 publications, which were cited over 5,800 times.

 Information about membership in editorial boards/councils of other publications (with the name of the reviewed journal)
Editorial board member of journals:
“Electrochemistry”, “Membrane and Membrane Technologies”, “Membranes (Q2)”; “International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Q1)”.

 Specialities (relevant for the journal)
02.00.05 Electrochemistry

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+7 (918) 414 5816