Oleg V. Ovchinnikov

Овчинников Олег Владимирович

Website http://www.vsu.ru/ru/persons/?person=7433  

Academic Degree, Academic Title
DSc in Physics and Mathematics (speciality 01.04.05 Optics)
Professor (speciality Optics)

 Place of work, Position
Voronezh State University, Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Head of the Department of Optics and Spectroscopy

 Evidence of a significant contribution to the development of the corresponding area of knowledge
Research of energetic properties of atoms adsorbed on ionic covalent substrates and low-atom silver and gold clusters. Determination of regularities of atom-by-atom photostimulated assembly on the surface of luminescent low-atom metal clusters, metal-organic complexes with organic dyes which prove the photostimulated diffusion of absorbed atoms. Development of new techniques for producing colloidal quantum dots of silver, zinc, and cadmium sulphide and controlling their luminescent properties, and of hybrid associates with organic dyes. Development of the empiric foundation for the conception of the resonant nonradiative energy transfer of electronic excitations through the recombination luminescence centres in quantum dots conjugated with the organic molecules (J-aggregates) of dyes. Over 120 publications in WoS and Scopus indexed journals.

 Specialities (relevant for the journal)
02.00.21 Solid State Chemistry
02.00.01 Inorganic Chemistry
02.00.04 Physical Chemistry
01.04.07 Condensed Matter Physics

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+7(903) 8577785