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Vladimir F. Selemenev

Academic degree, academic title, position:
Doctor of Chemical Science, Full Professor, Professor of the Analytical Chemistry Department of the Voronezh State University

Scientific specialty in accordance with Sc. D. Diploma:
02.00.04 – Physical Chemistry

Key biography data:
1939 – year of birth
1962 – graduation of Chemistry Faculty of Voronezh State University
1972 – defense of candidate thesis in chemical science
1993 – defense of doctoral thesis in chemical science
1995 – award with academic title of Professor
2008 – Honored Scientist of Russian Federation

Field of research interests:
Ion-Exchange and Intermolecular Interactions in the Systems: Sorbent – Water – Physiologically Active Substance (PhAS); the Definite Role of Water in Formation of PhAS Intermolecular Complexes in Ion-Exchanger Phase was Established; the Mechanism of α-Aminoacids (with Polar Groups in R-radical) Stable Oversaturated Solutions Formation due to Ionic Boundary Structures of Zwitter-Ions and Proton Tunneling Transitions was Justified; the Model of the Anion-Exchanger TransFormation into the Amphoteric Ion-Exchange Resin under the Action of Nucleic Acids was Suggested; Reagent-Free Method for Separation of Similar in Structure Amino Acids Under the Action of Temperature Factor was Developed

Number of published papers:
More than 1452

The number of qualified candidates and doctors of science:
7 doctors and 26 candidates of sciences

Delivered courses:
Analytical Chemistry; Membrane and Sorption Processes as the Basis of Green Technology; Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Ion-Exchange Processes; Ecology

Labour veteran; For heroic work in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of V.I. Lenin; to the 90th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution; to the 90th anniversary of Lenin Komsomol

A mark of distinction "For Services to the Voronezh region"

Mayor of Voronezh from 16.11.2004
Government of Voronezh region, from 21.12.2009
Government of Voronezh region, from 26.12.2012

RSCI ORCID Scopus iD Researcher iD

+7(4732) 208932