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Селеменев Владимир Федорович

Academic degree, academic title, position:
Doctor of Chemical Science, Professor, Head of the Analytical Chemistry Department of the Voronezh State University

Scientific specialty in accordance with Sc. D. Diploma:
02.00.04 – Physical Chemistry

Key biography data:
1939 – year of birth
1962 – graduation of Chemistry Faculty of Voronezh State University
1972 – defense of candidate thesis in chemical science
1993 – defense of doctoral thesis in chemical science
1995 – award with academic title of Professor
2008 – Honored Scientist of Russian Federation

Field of research interests:
Ion-Exchange and Intermolecular Interactions in the Systems: Sorbent – Water – Physiologically Active Substance (PhAS); the Definite Role of Water in Formation of PhAS Intermolecular Complexes in Ion-Exchanger Phase was Established; the Mechanism of α-Aminoacids (with Polar Groups in R-radical) Stable Oversaturated Solutions Formation due to Ionic Boundary Structures of Zwitter-Ions and Proton Tunneling Transitions was Justified; the Model of the Anion-Exchanger TransFormation into the Amphoteric Ion-Exchange Resin under the Action of Nucleic Acids was Suggested; Reagent-Free Method for Separation of Similar in Structure Amino Acids Under the Action of Temperature Factor was Developed

Number of published papers:
More than 1452

The number of qualified candidates and doctors of science:
7 doctors and 26 candidates of sciences

Delivered courses:
Analytical Chemistry; Membrane and Sorption Processes as the Basis of Green Technology; Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Ion-Exchange Processes; Ecology

Labour veteran; For heroic work in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of V.I. Lenin; to the 90th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution; to the 90th anniversary of Lenin Komsomol

A mark of distinction "For Services to the Voronezh region"

Mayor of Voronezh from 16.11.2004
Government of Voronezh region, from 21.12.2009
Government of Voronezh region, from 26.12.2012


+7(4732) 208932