Vladimir A. Shaposhnik

Academic degree, academic rank, position:
Doctor of Science in Chemistry, Professor, Professor of the Department of Analytical Chemistry

Scientific speciality in accordance with S. Dr. Diploma:
02.00.11 – Colloid Chemistry

Basic biographical information:
1935 – year of birth
1958 – the completion of specialty degree from the faculty of Chemistry, Voronezh State University
1966 – the completion of Ph.D. Degree in chemistry
1982 – the completion of Dr. Sc. in chemistry
1985 – the award of professor academic title

Research interests:
Membrane Electrochemistry; Ion Exchange Processes; Electromembrane Technology; Quantum Chemistry; Mathematical Modeling of Electrodialysis; the History and Philosophy of Science

Number of publications:
Scientific publications more than 800. Articles in RISC 619, their citation is 1642.

The most significant publications:

  1. Transport Phenomena in Ion-Exchange Membranes. M .: MIFI, 2001 200 p. Co-authors: V.I. Vasil’eva and O.V. Grigorchuk.
  2. Kinetics of Electrodialysis. Voronezh University Publ., 1989. 174 p.
  3. Analytical Model of Laminar Flow Electrodialysis with Ion-Exchange Membranes // J. Membrane Science. 1997. V. 133. P. 27-37. Co-authors: V.A. Kuzminych, O.V.  Grigorchuk, V.I. Vasil'eva.
  4. Barrier Effect during the Electrodialysis of Ampholytes // J. Membrane Science. 1999. V. 169. P. 223-228. Co-author: T.V.  Eliseeva.
  5. Diffusion and Electrical Conductivity of Strong Electrolytes in Aqueous Solutions // Russian Journal of Electrochemistry. 1994. V.  30. No. 5. P.  638-643.
  6. The Dissolution of Difficulty Soluble Electrolytes by Electrodialysis with Ion Exchange Membranes. In the book: “Synthesis and Properties of Such Materials”. M .: Science, 1968. P. 256-261. Co-author: N.I. Isaev.
  7. Demineralization by Water by Electrodialysis with Ion Exchangers Packing between the Membranes // Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry. 1973. V. 46. No. 12. P. 2659-2663. Co-authors: A.K. Reshetnikova, R.I. Zolotareva, I.V. Drobysheva, N.I. Isaev.
  8. Environmental Aspects of Deep Water Purification // Uspekhi Khimii. 1991. V. 60. No. 11. P. 2469-2483. Co-authors: A.A. Mazo, P. Frohlich.
  9. Contact-Difference Method for Measuring the Conductivity of Membranes // Colloid Journal 1984. V. 46. No. 4. P. 820-828.
  10. Concentration Fields of Solutions under Electrodialysis with Ion-Exchange Membranes // J. Membr. Science. 1995. V. 101. P. 23-30. Co-authors: V.I. Vasil’eva, D.B. Praslow.
  11. High Demineralization of Drinking Water by Electrodialysis without Scaling on the Membranes // Desalaination. 2002. V. 145. P. 329-332. Co-authors: N.N. Zubets, I.P. Strygina, B.E. Mill.
  12. Computational Simulation of the Structure of Cation Exchange Membrane and the Elementary Act of Transport of Hydrated ions // Russian Journal of Electrochemistry. 2004. V. 40. No. 7. P. 880-883. Co-author: E.V. Butyrskaya.
  13. The Effect of Ion-Exchange Spacers on Mass-Transfer – Numerical Analysis and Concentration Fields Visualization by Means of Laser Interferometry // J. Membrane Science. 1998. V. 139. P. 85-96. Co-authors: O.V. Grigorchuk, E.N. Korzhev, V.I. Vasil’eva.
  14. The Interferometric Investigations of Electromembrane Processes // Advances in Colloid & Interface Science. 2008. V. 139. P. 74-82. Co-authors: V.I. Vasil’eva, O.V. Grigorchuk.
  15. Irreversible Dissociation of Water Molecules at the Interface of Ion-Exchange Membrane and Electrolyte Solution // Russian Journal of Electrochemistry. 2008. T. 44. No. 9. P. 1155-1159. Co-authors: A.S. Kastyuchik, O.A. Kozaderova.
  16. Mathematical Modeling of Electrodialysis with Ion-Exchange Membranes and Inert Flux Turbulators // Russian Journal of Electrochemistry. 2010. V. 46. No. 10. P. 1264-1271. Co-author: O.V. Grigorchuk.
  17. Philosophical Problems of Chemistry. 2011, Voronezh, Voronezh State University. 106 p.
  18. An Early History of Electrodialysis with Permselective Membranes // J. Membrane Science. 1997. V. 136. P. 35-39. Co-author: K. Kessore.
  19. Generation of Hydrogen Ions at the Interface of Cation-Exchange Membrane and the Solution of Multi-Charged Cations in Electrodialysis // Kondensirovannye sredy i mezhfaznye granitsy. 2015. Vol. 17. No. 1. P. 24-28. Co-author: с T.S. Badessa, M.R. Nartova.
  20. Non linear Transport of Sorbitol in Ion Exchange Membranes During Electrodialysis // Sorption and chromatographic processes. 2015. Vol. 15. No. 1. С. 67-73. Co-author: A.E. Kutsenko, O.M. Aminov.
  21. History of Ion Exchange and Chromatography in Voronezh (Voronezh State University) // Sorption and chromatographic processes. 2015. Vol. 15. No. 2. С. 138-150. Co-author: Selemenev V.F., Rudakov O.B.
  22. Transport of Multi-Charged Cations Through Cation Exchange Membrane by Electrodialysis // Sorption and chromatographic processes. 2015. Vol. 3. C. 269 – 274. Co-author: T.S. Badessa, VM.R. Nartova.
  23. The Electrodialysis of Electrolyte Solutions of Multi-Charged Cations //  Journal of Membrane Science. 2016. Vol. 498. P. 86-93. Co-author: T. Badessa.
  24. Sorption Interactions Between Ethylene Glycol and Carbon Nanotubes // RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A. 2017. V. 91. No 3. P. 567-571. Co-author: Butyrskaya E. V., Belyakova N. V., Nechaeva L. S., et al.  

The number of qualified PhDs and doctors of science:
3 Doctors of sciences and 17 Ph.D

Courses taught:
Analytical chemistry; Physical Chemistry of Membrane Processes; Philosophical Problems of Chemistry; Actual Problems of Analytical Chemistry; the History and Philosophy of Science; the Membrane-Sorption Processes as a Basis for Environmental Clean Technologies; Eco-Analytical Chemistry

Organizational and social work:

  1. Member of Russian Academic Scientific Council for Analytical Chemistry
  2. Deputy chief editor of "Sorption and Chromatographic Processes"
  3. A member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of "Kondensirovannye sredy i mezhfaznye granitsy"
  4. Member of the Dissertation council D 212.038.19 (Voronezh State University)
  5. Member of the Dissertation council D 212.038.08 (Voronezh State University)
  6. Member of the Dissertation council D 212.101.10 (Kuban State University)



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