Role of regulation of ecological conditions in development of the regions

  • S.A. Chaplygin Voronezh State University


This article is illuminating a role of regional government at regulation effect from use different competitive advantage of region and their adjustments for achievement optimal and fi rm development. Opens the infl uence of management ecological factor on labour facility; modern problems and obstacles are indicated, which disturbs development nature-safe activity, in particular tax, credit-fi nancial and foreign trade policy. In article is offered model intercoupling tax institute, effi ciency of the work enterprise and labor resource (with use the multiplier theory). Separate attention is spared imperfection ecological and tax legislation, some notion was written imperfection of the normative mechanism, is described way of their improvement. The certain problems at state and regional organ about stimulation of the use some mechanism infl uences upon development of the region are described. The main trends of the work regional administration are also given.


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