1. Kinds of submissions considered for publications are articles, short “squibs” and book reviews in the topics covered by the Journal.
  2. The manuscript should be prepared in accordance with the Journal’s Submission Style Guideline. Otherwise the manuscript will not be accepted for peer review!
  3. The journal uses single-blind review of submitted manuscripts. The reviewer knows the names of the authors; the authors do not know the name of the reviewer. There are at least three reviewers for all of the articles in each issue. All articles sent to the editorial board are subject to peer review and, in the case of a positive review, to scientific and technical editing.
  4. There are no review and publication fees!
  5. The reviewers selected in accordance with the editor’s portfolio by the Editorial Board are experts in the subject matter the manuscript focuses on and have publications in the field of research within the past three years.
  6. The review checks if the manuscript matches the scope and meets the basic requirements of the Journal. The manuscripts are considered on the basis of their significance, novelty, validity of results, ethics of reference to the results of other authors, the quality of the content and layout.
  7. The review outcomes will possibly be as follows:
    • accept in its present form;
    • accept with minor or major revisions given that the author is requested to revise the text following reviewer’s comments and recommendations;
    • reject because the paper is found unworthy of publication.
  8. The review process may take approximately two months to be completed. Journal should not guarantee manuscript acceptance or very short peer review times.
  9. The final decision on the manuscript is the prerogative of the editorial board.
  10. An article review with reviewer comments and recommendations or a substantiated rejection is provided to the authors of all submitted manuscripts. The names of the reviewers are hidden from the author.
  11. All reviews are to be stored in the editor’s portfolio for five years. The editor is to provide a copy of the manuscript review should the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation make an enquiry.
  12. The revised version of the manuscript in duplicate along with the original paper and a point-by-point response to the reviewer comments should be submitted as soon as possible. Should the author fail to submit the revised version of the manuscript within three months, it is considered as a new submission.
  13. The final draft of the manuscript revised and edited by the author should be returned to the editors within one week. All the revised manuscripts head for printing. Those that fail to be returned in time are processed without securing approval of their authors.