Functioning of financial recources and capital: essence and principles

  • Elena Fedorovna Sysoeva Voronezh State University


Financial recources are incomes and funds located at the command of firms and the state. Capital is more complicated organization of Financial recources. The main capital's attribute is profitability. The normal functioning of any firm demands security by indispensable funds which are sufficient for realization of industrial costs, cairying out of the obligations before the contractors and the state and at the same time it guarantees obtaining the profit. The effective management of financial recources and capital is vital practical need. However, it's realization is impossible without idealized comprehension an essence of financial recources both on the macro and micro levels; revealing of inter-coupling between financial recources and capital and substantiation of it's optimum structure; sources estimation of financial recources replenishment with using tools of financial market. In this article I try to answer some of these problems.


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