On the methodology of the risk management

  • Aleksey Borisovich Sekerin Orel State University


The new model of the risk management is presented. This model admits to join the main different approaches to the risk management problem. Also a number of models are indicated, in which the economical risk exhibits itself as a resource, usage of which allows to reduce a level of material inputs. The new approach (the integration concept of the risk management) is offered which permits to unite within the framework of the management of the complex economic system three various concepts of the risk management — concept of minimization of risk, concept of an acceptable risk and concept of risk as resource.


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Sekerin, A. B. (2004). On the methodology of the risk management. Proceedings of Voronezh State University. Series: Economics and Management, (1), 104-111. Retrieved from https://journals.vsu.ru/econ/article/view/10207