Improving the regulatory framework of the regional remuneration system in area of healthcare

Keywords: remuneration system, salary, state medical organisations, healthcare


Subject. Organisational and regulatory peculiarities of the regional system of remuneration of healthcare workers in state medical organisations.
Purpose. This study aims to analyse the current system of remuneration of healthcare workers of state healthcare institutions in the Voronezh Region, to identify current issues, and to determine the main paths for improving the sectoral remuneration system.
Method. The study used data from statistical reports related to the structure and composition of wages in 2019-2020 and other financial indicators of the healthcare system in the Voronezh Region. The methods of the investigation included analysis, observation, generalisation, comparison, grouping, classification, etc.
A method for calculating the amount of guaranteed payments was offered, the earlier and current remuneration systems were compared. The analysis of wage systems in medical organisations subordinate to the Department of Health of the Voronezh Region confirmed the need to increase the basic salary and reimbursements in order to improve the welfare of healthcare workers, which contributes to improving the quality and accessibility of medical care.
Conclusions. The hypothesis was confirmed that it is necessary to develop a concept and methodological recommendations for the formation of a sectoral remuneration system containing information on the amount of salaries, the key approaches to determining reimbursements and incentive payments and their ratio in order to decrease the differentiation between healthcare workers’ salaries in the region and to increase the appeal of the profession and to motivate employees to work more efficiently.


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Author Biographies

Sergey V. Golovin, Voronezh State University

Cand. Sc. (Eng.), Assoc. Prof. Department of Economic Analysis and Audit.

Andrey V. Churikov, Voronezh State University

Assist. Prof. of Department of Economic Analysis and Audit.

Ekaterina V. Krasnikova, Voronezh State University

Expert of Department of Summary Economic Analysis.


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Golovin, S. V., Churikov, A. V., & Krasnikova, E. V. (2022). Improving the regulatory framework of the regional remuneration system in area of healthcare. Proceedings of Voronezh State University. Series: Economics and Management, (2), 29-44.
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