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Evelina P. Domashevskaya

Academic degree, academic title, position:
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Full Professor, Professor of the Department of Solid State Physics and Nanostructures of the Voronezh State University

Scientific specialty in accordance with Sc. D. Diploma:
01.04.07 – condensed matter physics

Key biography data:
1935 – year of birth
1957 – the end of the Physics Department, Voronezh State University
1967 – defense of candidate thesis in physical and mathematical sciences
1979 – defense of doctoral thesis in physical and mathematical sciences
1983 – awarded the title of professor
1999 – Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
2003 – Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation

Field of research interests:
Atomic and Electronic Structure; Condensed Matter Physics, Semiconductors and Heterostructures; Thin Films, Nanomaterials and Nanostructures; Methods of Diagnostics of Solids; Ultrasoft X-ray Spectroscopy; Diffraction, Synchrotron Radiation

Number of published works:
more than 500

The number of qualified candidates and doctors of science:
12 doctors and 40 candidates of sciences

Delivered courses:
Condensed matter physics; Crystallography and Crystalophysics; Electronic Structure of Solids

Organizational and social work:

  1. Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council D 212.038.10.
  2. Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council D 212.037.06.
  3. Member of the Dissertation Council D 212.038.06.
  4. Member of VSU Academic Council
  5. Member of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Physics, Voronezh State University
  6. Member of editorial board of the journal "CONDENSED MATTER AND INTERPHASES"
  7. Member of the Educational and Methodological Association of Russian Universities in the section "Chemistry, physics and mechanics of substances and materials" at MSU
  8. Member of the Training Council for the technical areas at SPbGEU "LETI"

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+7(473) 2208363