Economical Electroenergetics Adjustment Policy of the Voronezh region

  • Igor Efimovich Risin Voronezh State University
  • Yuriy Igorevich Treschevskiy Voronezh State University
  • Aleksandr Nikolaevich Tsapin Voronezh State Technical University


Pithy characteristics of the main trend of Regional Electroenergetics Adjustment Policy are given in the article. They include: to form of a new institutional structure of the field, including state and private sectors: to help to develop competativeness in manufacturing processes and electroenergetic selling; to improve the rate policy. All these characteristics are supported and proved. Using all these tools the Regional Government in Pluence on forming and developing processes in the field of electroenergetics.


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Risin, I. E., Treschevskiy, Y. I., & Tsapin, A. N. (2004). Economical Electroenergetics Adjustment Policy of the Voronezh region. Proceedings of Voronezh State University. Series: Economics and Management, (2), 74-80. Retrieved from

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