Improving the competitiveness of the organization based on self-assesment


Importance. The article considers a modern method of increasing the competitiveness of an organization based on self-assessment of its activities. The methodology of self-assessment is based on generally recognized models of business excellence, in our country it is the model of the Russian Government award in the field of quality, which corresponds to the European Model of Business Excellence of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). The model evaluates how the organization, using its capabilities, achieves the planned results.
Objectives. Analysis of the organization’s self-assessment tools in identifying strengths and weaknesses in activities, as well as aligning the organization’s capabilities with its mission and goals.
Methods. In the process of achieving the set goals, a set of scientific approaches was used: systemic, project-based, institutional, and structural. The work uses the techniques and methods of formal and dialectical logic.
The main approaches to the management of competitiveness based on innovative, marketing, quality and financial indicators are shown. The criteria of the Russian government award in the field of quality are compared with the classical theories of competitiveness and the Japanese approach to the competitiveness of the organization. The advantage of the methodology of self-assessment according to the criteria of the Russian government award in the field of quality in the assessment of soft performance indicators, such as leadership, staff satisfaction, customer satisfaction, is shown.


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Author Biographies

Oleg S. Schukin, Voronezh State University

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of the Labour Economy and Management Department.

Mohammad N. M. Zbun, Voronezh State University

Post-graduate student of the Labour Economy and Management Department.

Alexander V. Shamshin, Voronezh State University

post- graduate student of the Labour Economy and Management Departmen.


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Schukin, O. S., Zbun, M. N. M., & Shamshin, A. V. (2021). Improving the competitiveness of the organization based on self-assesment. Proceedings of Voronezh State University. Series: Economics and Management, (1), 86-93.